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When I first got into wargaming, locating information and resources to better understand (and in some cases just finding) gaming material took a lot of effort. In the late 70s and early 80s just finding stores that sold wargames usually involved a day trip or good part of a day to accomplish. It wouldn’t be until the late 80s when the local hobby shop would start carrying wargaming material. Then with the advent of the Internet, life became so much easier locating information and oddly enough discussions and opinions on the various wargames.

So along this line, during the 1970s and early 80s, to really excellent magazines were available. Wargamers digest and Dragon magazine were chock-full of really excellent articles covering the various aspects of wargaming (WGD) and role-playing games (Dragon). And interestingly enough many of these articles were written by amateur writers and gaming enthusiasts. And this is the core of my vision for

So I envision as a place where Wargamers or role players who aspire to write about their hobby a place to have their work published.

And part of this vision is to offer this space as a way to promote the hobby, to promote open thought as it concerns wargaming and to encourage new and up-and-coming writers and authors to write about their hobby. And ultimately to add to the body of knowledge to help other gamers in the pursuit of their hobbies.

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